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Whether you reflected sometime over the value of reading books. After all, people read not just for the sake of new knowledge. Books develop thinking. When reading in parallel, we ponder, and analyze, even if not always focus on this. In addition, any read text forces us to make certain conclusions. In the worst case – like it or not like the artwork, at best – about the nature of the characters, the motives of their actions, how would we do in place of a hero. Books relieve stress. Stress is the scourge of the XXI century. In the bustle of worldly anxiety days we have all the time in a hurry, we run, incredibly tired. The book gives us not only a time to rest and to forget about problems and worries but also makes you really relax certain muscles. And it is less facial wrinkles, fine appearance and inner peace. Books increase vocabulary. If you have the habit of reading, the very few occasions when you can't find the right word to Express his thought. Even many phrases are in the passive vocabulary, but when needed, they suddenly pop up. Reading books of various genres, with no need to go into the dictionary to learn the meaning of a word.

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